Skeptical about buying things used? So was I.

sites/ few years ago, my wife told me about a group of people who make a pledge to not buy new things for a whole year. There are exceptions on their list, of course; there is no such thing as used food or fuel, or other consumables, and it is expected that certain important items like underwear will still be purchased new, but for the most part, the rule was to buy it used or do without.  Having been used to buying nearly everything new my whole life, with only a few exceptions, the idea did not sound particularly practical, or even feasible.

Ideas for bread bag clips


sites/ to do with bread bag clips?

Most but not all of this is condensed from How can I Recycle This which is a favorite site for inspirations.

Upcycled mini-Trombe wall

sites/ hate to see anything go to waste.  I also hate to see my life cluttered up with useless crap.  After we had the exterior of our house redone in Certainteed Fiber Cement board, there was lots left over.  Lots and lots.  We found several small

Tetra Pak into Pencil Box

Many of you are already familiar with my on going battle with Tetra Pak.  Here is a new project for everyone.  I thought this would be a good project because I found very little in the way of recycled pencil boxes when looking for products for the eco school supply product list.  Most pencil boxes were small, kitsch and over priced.

You will need:

Build your own bicycle cargo trailer

So being part of the riot4 austerity and just generally wanting to live a better, healthier life has led us to try and spend more time biking around.  Most of our local errands we accomplish on foot but what about errands that take us out of town but arnt so far that we need to take the car?  What about those intermediate distance shopping trips?  How to get the goods home?

Free Fool Proof Millet Holder for Small Birds


sites/ holder.jpgI have tried all sorts of things to keep the millet spays from falling and getting soiled.  I have tried the gizmos that come from the pet food store and all types of clips.  This is the first one I have found that is completely safe and effective.

How to make an organizer out of TetraPaks


Here is one of our best original Re-Use projects.  Because we dont drink milk, our lives have been over run by a plague of TetraPaks.  We have a whole page dedicated to way to reuse them.

This design requires six but you can create any configuration you like.

Repair It - How to keep it working for you.


sites/ all want to live as long as possible.  If you grant that your possessions have some sort of right to a reasonable life, then respecting them, being careful with them, inviting healthy items into your home and keeping them in good repair becomes part of the natural order of things.

Holidays 2010 at Greenknowe

Happy Holidays 2010

This year we have held true to our principals of 2009 and exchanged just a few second hand gifts of things that were needed plus a few new toys for our son from the grandparents.  I ended up needing a few new things myself while we were traveling by train in the week leading up to our holiday so I put the empty packages under the tree so I could remember to be thankful for receiving the things I needed when I needed them.

Uses for Egg Cartons


We save all of our egg cartons because we have chickens.  Some how we seem to eat all of our eggs and dont get around to giving away very many.  That has left us with a surplus of egg cartons.

They are cardboard so you can recycle them of course but what can you do to resuse them?

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