Wanted Items

Wanted: Small Garden Arbor, used bricks and composite decking

We need a small inexpensive arbor for a fort entrance, bricks for the area we keep the garbage cans and some long sections of composite decking (about 2"x6"x4' or larger) for a raised bed.  Let us know if you have anything to sell or trade.

1" foam insulation sheet.

We have a small project that we ran just a little short on materials.  We need only a very little bit so its not really worth buying.  Hoping someone has a small piece.

Pants & Sweatpants Boys size 10-12

Wanted: Broad Fork, 75'+ garden hose, tumbling composter

Wanted: GSM (AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.) phone to borrow, buy for cheap, etc.

I'm getting tired of the high cost of our Verizon plan, so I am planning on testing out the $10/mo plan on Airvoice wireless.

Wanted: Tweed trench/over coat.

Similar to this would be perfect.  Thanks!sites/greenknowe.org/files/Dr.Whocoat.jpg

Wanted - yoga bolster and blocks

Please call 415-218-3608 if you have either of these items to sell.


Used lawn mower wanted

Interested in purchasing a used lawn mower.  Can be gas, electric or push.  Please call me at 415-218-3608. 


Kids stuff -- Outdoor climbing structure and/or play kitchen

I don't usually go for plastic, but in this case it might be perfect. If you are ready to part with your Little Tikes or Step2 or the like play structure or kitchen, let me know! Thaks!

Plastic Easter Eggs


If anyone has any extra plastic easter eggs they'd like to get rid of, I would love to take them off your hands for a craft we're doing at the library on July 12th.  You can drop them off at the library for Michelle.

Thanks everyone :)