Wanted Items

Wanted: Small jars w/ lids (close to a pint)

Drop at 349 San Bruno or send me a note and Ill pick them up.

Roll up garden table or pressure washer

Similar to this one

Wanted: Small Garden Arbor, used bricks and composite decking

We need a small inexpensive arbor for a fort entrance, bricks for the area we keep the garbage cans and some long sections of composite decking (about 2"x6"x4' or larger) for a raised bed.  Let us know if you have anything to sell or trade.

1" foam insulation sheet.

We have a small project that we ran just a little short on materials.  We need only a very little bit so its not really worth buying.  Hoping someone has a small piece.

Pants & Sweatpants Boys size 10-12

Wanted: Broad Fork, 75'+ garden hose, tumbling composter

Wanted: GSM (AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.) phone to borrow, buy for cheap, etc.

I'm getting tired of the high cost of our Verizon plan, so I am planning on testing out the $10/mo plan on Airvoice wireless.

Wanted: vinyl zippered bag. Must hold 17"x13"x20"

The sort that comforters come in.  Need ASAP!  Thanks

Wanted: Tweed trench/over coat.

Similar to this would be perfect.  Thanks!sites/greenknowe.org/files/Dr.Whocoat.jpg

Wanted - yoga bolster and blocks

Please call 415-218-3608 if you have either of these items to sell.