Wanted Items

Wanted: Alphasmart Word Processor

Has anyone got an old Alphasmart or similar word processor I could please have? I'd doing some hobby writing and don't want to haul my laptop around with me.

USB Sound Card to Test (I'll give it back when I'm done)

Can someone lend me a USB sound card? I want to test one on my laptop to see if I get better results with my dictation software. I don't want to spend $30 to $50 to find out that the problem is me.


- Russ

Wanted: Sound Card

I need a halfway decent sound card. I've been trying to use Dragon Naturally speaking with not much success. I think a soundcard wtih proper hardware acceleration might help. Has anyone got an old PCI card I could have?

I'm happy to pick it up or equally happy to simply find it on my doorstep at 234 Santa Clara (Soundy Clause?)

Received: Cardboard Keyboard Box

Thank you Theresa for the cardboard keyboard box.

Compost Bin


Wanted: 10 Key

I volunteer at a community bookstore in SF. The 10 Key we use has drank one too many cups of coffee and sometimes the keys don't register. So if anyone has an extra one they could donate, preferably a small one, we would be grateful.


- Russ

Perpetual motion machine

I could use a perpetual motion machine or any sort of unlimited-energy device, in good working order.