Welcome to GreenKnowe.org

Welcome to GreenKnowe.

We have dedicated our lives to living green and would like to share what we have learned with you.  We hope you will share some things with us too.

This site is the home to the Brisbane Re-use Co-Op and all sorts of other information like:

The Origins of GreenKnowe.

Knowe means "hill" which pays small homage to our mountain.  It also evokes the idea of know-how.

GreenKnowe is in part a response to a life long investment in Eco-living.  Its also a response to the talking heads that cannot do anything other than regurgitate the same 10 basics of eco-wisdom over and over. Here we will try to take an in depth look at what to do after you have fulfilled the 10 basics of eco-wisdom and dare to make some suggestions about what the best road is based on facts and our own experiences.  Our goal is to help you think things though and make your own decisions about your own eco-goals as you go beyond the basics.

GreenKnowe originated in Brisbane California which sits at the foot of the San Bruno Mountain.  San Bruno Mountain is the last vestige of the Franciscan Ecosystem.  The balance of the system being buried under concrete and the human "improvements" called San Francisco.  Brisbane has an interesting history.  It started as a community in the 1920s and has gone though many evolutions since then.  It has proved home to a group of Hell's Angles, hippies and many artists, environmentalists and progressive that choose to leave the main road or perhaps forced from it.   Brisbane has been often been an underdog.  In spite of or maybe because of this, its residents have lead the fight to preserve San Bruno Mountain and the endangered species that call it home.  Brisbane has often stood up against big businesses and developers when they have threatened the quality of life here.

The third contribution to the name GreenKnowe comes from L. M. Boston's children's book that made a profound impression on me (Barbara) as a child.  Mrs. Boston's love of the natural world, respect for the human spirit, the way she cherished history and her ability to create magic in everyday objects made me fall in love with the world as a child.  Some day I would like to visit the actual Greenknowe in England

Image by Joel Pett