Brisbane Re-Use Coop

Submitted by Barbara on Sun, 04/12/2009 - 16:45

How about we do more recycling within our community?  We firmly believe that there is enough of almost everything to meet the needs of the people.  We just need to get the right thing to the right person.

Thats why we have a re-use coop!  Something between Craiglist and the Freecycle Network, the Re-Use coop allows you to define the terms of your offer.  Sale, barter, free or for loan to just anyone or just to your friends.  It will allow you to keep a long term list of things you would like to have or that are just sitting on the shelf waiting for a home.  It will help you plan your projects and better use the resources of your own community. 

We can quickly make the world a better, cleaner place by sharing with each other.

How it works, In the Re-Use Coop you can list things that you are looking for or if you have something you dont want, people can browse your wanted list and see if they have something for you. Its entirely up to you if you sell things, trade, loan or just give them away. Create Account on the Right hand side of the page. It will ask you to create a user name and password. Next you will receive a confirmation email. Follow the link and then click on the 'edit' tab at the top of the field to create your own unique password. You must wait for your account to be validated. It should take only a few hours. You will receive email notification when its done. Then you can start entering things into either your wanted list or your offer list. If your account isnt validated quickly, we may have mistaken you for a potential spammer. Please feel free to give us a call. Here is the phone number backwards. 6448764. Then try to post something either wanted or for offer as soon as your account is validated.