136 miles in the Nissan Leaf

Submitted by Barbara on Mon, 08/12/2013 - 15:09

So we have been trying to figure out how to not burn gas to visit Santa Cruz from Brisbane (136 miles round trip) for a while.  Its a great trick considering that much longer than the range on the Leaf.

Inspiration finally struck us.  The man of  the house works in Cupertino so he left his car charging in Cupertino and took the Caltrain home on Friday evening.  We then took the train down as a family over the weekend.  By the time we arrived in Cupertino, the Leaf had charged to 100% on a 110 plug.  We drove the Leaf from Cupertino to Santa Cruz  which used about 50% of our charge.   In Santa Cruz we plugged in again to another 110 outlet.  By then end of our visit, the car was once again at 100% charge and ready for the long drive home after dark.  

And it worked!!!  With a little ingenuity, you can go far.