Shop Eco-School & Office supplies

Submitted by Barbara on Wed, 09/05/2012 - 04:00

We are building this page to be a compleiment to our Greenest Eco School & Office supplies page.

For this page we are putting together best places to look for supplies.  As always, we advocate making do and using up what you have first.  If you really need to buy something, here are some good places to look.

Auspen.  Auspen currently isnt selling their product though any other retailer.  Can't say I blame them.  Their product is so superior to any other white board markers available they should be proud. 

Buffalo Natur  Buffalo Natur is part of Buffalo Office Supplies.  Buffalo Natur is based in Canada and carries some really nice products.  I have a feeling we will be adding more and more of their products to our Greenest Eco School & Office Supplies list over time.

Desktop Publishing Supplies is primarly a conventional retailer.  However, they are by far the best source for 100% PCC envelopes, blank greeting cards and micro perferated business cards.  Both of which we have purchased from them.

Discount Office Supplies Discount is located in California.  Discount Office supplies is a conventional retailer, however they have good prices on a wide selection of main stream eco-supplies like Pilot B2P and Pentel recycled highlighter pens.  If you need one stop shopping, Discount is a good place to start.  Most other retailers only carry a small selection of eco-supplies.

Made by humans is another company that has a charming line of supplies, many of them eco-friendly.  They are no longer carrying our favorite eraser, but still have many other wonderful items.

Stuby Pencil Studio  Stuby pencil is a small woman owned business in Oregon.  I have had the privlage to talk with Kate personally and she is a wonderful and deserving person.  Not everything that Stuby Pencil carries is eco, but its all charming and much of it is eco.  Please give Kate some business.

O'bon offers many wonderful products and we rely on them for color pencils, pencils and sometimes binders.  They are located within a few miles of us here in California so they are really local.  They also offer a school fundraising program.  They get lots of cool points.

xpedx  is a conventional retailer but when we decided to make a donation to our school in the form of paper, xpedx gave us good price on Greys Harbor 100.  They get bounus green points for that.  Dont forget to talk to your local businesses.  You will find that they are often willing to help if they know there is a market.