Building Information (17 links)

Submitted by Barbara on Wed, 01/26/2011 - 01:00
  • Like Passive Haus and LEED, there is ROSE.  Anyone have expertise with it?
  • Im not the biggest fan of straw bale, but there have been some interesting techniques developed for those who are fans of straw bale design.
  • If the cover is a promise, then this book promises to be excellent.  Please let us know if you have the opportuniy to read Sustainable Design:  A critical guide
  • New  Cool Blue pigment reflects 40% of infrared heat making it great for roofs and other surfaces where its important to minimize gain. 
  • In addition to salt pools, here is biological option.  Chlorine is no longer the only choice.
  • Never miss an opportunity to engage with the built environment.  This building plays music when it rains.
  • Great diagram of a building as in integrated system with some really interesting ideas.  My only personal advice is to extend the roof further to increase rain water catchment and allow for vertical glass.  Angled glass has improved gain in the winter but is prone to overheating in the summer.   Its also harder to maintain a seal on angled glass.
  • This insulation seems very similar to AirKrete.  Maybe even better.  We cannot find much direct information on it so it may be a hoax but we still wanted to include it as food for thought. 
  • A History of Super Insulated Houses  published 2010
  • Fascinating Ecohouse in New Zealand built by Yoshi.  This site includes video and lots of technical data as well as some brilliant ideas.  Please do give it a look.
  • Future Cities from Cophenhagen/ Big Architecture
  • Naturhus:  An entire house within a greenhouse.  I would imagine it might get a bit humid at times but there are definitely some advantages to be explored.
  • Here is the best overview article we have found about green alternatives to concrete.  Concrete is a basic building block of almost every structure but it has a very high embodied energy so its important to make good decision about your use of concrete.
  • PERSIST is an counter intuitive but interesting insulation technique that we are considering borrowing from when we revamp our house envelope this summer.  More information to follow.
  •  Over view of building methods:  Here is a wonderful web site that gives a great overview of all sorts of alternative building systems most with good illustrative photos.  If you ever wondered what your friends were talking about when they said, "cob" and how that is different from straw bail or poured earth, check out this web site.
  • Passive House is not a standard that we have learned much about thus far.  Up until now we have concentrated our ideas around Passive Solar.  Passive House has some very important ideas to offer however.
  • We have visited some of Sunset's Idea Home and although we were generally under whelmed with the level of commitment to sustainability, the homes included a few useful ideas and were generally pleasurable to walk around in.  Its nice to experience a few eco-elements in the world.