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Submitted by Barbara on Tue, 01/25/2011 - 21:27

Groups and Organizations

  • Wall of Films is a compilation of socially & environmentally targeted films compiled by Films for Action.  Its a great place to look for your next movie.
  • Dog Island Farm is a bay area urban farm that is doing amazing things with .28 acres.  Really worth your attention.  They also sell.
  • The Urban Farm Farming Guys are a wonderful group of trail blazer who have really set out to do many of us wish we could do and blaze a trail for us all.  Definitely worth following.
  • Urban Homsteading is "is a growing movement in this country, part of the global re-imagining of culture on the other side of governmental indifference and corporate greed." -from the front page.    None of us have read the book yet, but its on our list.  Looks like good stuff.
  • has many projects but one of particular interest given the oil spill in the gulf it the creation of hair mats and hair booms that can be used to soak up oil.  These mats and booms are made from the hair collected at various salons after hair cuts.  We are currently working on collecting nylons and tights to help make hair stuffed booms to contain the oil.
  • Local Harvest is the best web resource we have found for locating local CSAs (community supported agriculture).  It is much better than the old site we were using.
  • We are currently contemplating what it would take to make Brisbane a Transition town. Right now I feel like we are in the minority but maybe that is part of what this web site and Transaction is all about. Maybe its about getting people ready and readying ourselves.
  • We have joined Roit4AusterityDont let the name fool you.  It's not really about flogging yourself into tears and poverty.  The premise is that we, as Americans use far more than our fair share.  I think we can all agree on that, a least if you are bothering to look at this web site.  Most sustainable/indigenous cultures use about 10% of what the average American uses.  So the idea is to cut your consumption by 90% in key areas.  Here is the main page for those who want to read more.
  • We are also involved with Terracycle.  Its an interesting idea about product responsibility and how we relate to garbage.