Uses for Egg Cartons

Submitted by Barbara on Sun, 02/28/2010 - 17:35

We save all of our egg cartons because we have chickens.  Some how we seem to eat all of our eggs and dont get around to giving away very many.  That has left us with a surplus of egg cartons.

They are cardboard so you can recycle them of course but what can you do to resuse them?

The first think I like to do is look down my Red List and see if there is anything I have been buying new that I could avoid buying in the future.  The only use I could come up with from the Red List was parakeet toy.  So my next stop is How Can I Recycle It?  

Here is a suggestion for egg cartons:

KatyH says:
"I make fire starters from them. Fill each cup and the top with dryer lint. Save your candle stubs, melt them in a clean can (I don’t recommend coffee cans due to the rim) and pour over the lint. You’ve now recycled 3 items and can get a wood or charcoal fire started easily without the danger & smell of lighter fluid."

Im not sure about the dryer lint.  It depends on if you buy clothing with man made fibers.  Burning polyester seems a bit unwise but if you confine yourself to natural fibers then you have only a small concern about dyes.

There are also the classics: